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Welcome to the Home Page of the Christian Reformed Campus Ministry Association.

On campuses across North America, students, staff and faculty are gathering together to grow in faith, build community and engage God's world.  There's a vast array of research agendas heading off in competing directions; there’s a multitude of perspectives and worldviews; and there’s a colourful array of people on each of our campuses.  Christian Reformed Campus Ministry seeks to bear witness to the renewing grace of Jesus Christ in a beautifully diverse, but complicated, world.

The CRCMA is a simple collection of campus ministries that have covenanted together to participate in God's redemptive work.  Through Jesus Christ, God is reconciling all things to himself, renewing creation and sustaining life.  Though the flavour of each of our ministries is different, our communities participate in God's reconciliation project as caretakers, justice-seekers and disciple-makers.

Please check the page What is Christian Reformed Campus Ministry? for a deeper description on what distinguishes a CRC  Campus Ministry.



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